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Review: Tidal Rave 2018

Billed as the Best Experience Anyone Can Have (BEACH!) this year’s Tidal Rave gave out juicy jams, good vibes, groovy waves, limitless fun, pure pleasure and groovy waves.

This year’s beach rave witnessed probably its biggest attendance yet as every inch of the event venue was covered with revellers.

Revellers who couldn’t let a second go to waste without having fun.

Anyone who attended might not give you the full account of what transpired either due to forgetfulness or he/she was too engrossed in his/her party sessions that there was no need to check what was happening around.

An all-day party surely needed food and drinks to serve party goers and sure they were in abundance.

In the words of one  of the attendees at tidal rave 2018, there was “too much meat” around.

From waakye to boiled eggs with pepper to kenkey, everyone had something he could fall in case he was running out of energy.

Who wouldn’t run out of energy after that energy sapping jams session emceed by Manny Yo.

That 3-hour period would perhaps be the best time period of the whole event.

Can you say no to good music? Certainly not and try as hard as anyone did, not to move a little, the body still moved to the music.

Blurting out the speakers was music that the audience jumped and bumped to. It was exhilarating! The energy exerted during that period was fun to see.

Strangers became friends during formation dances and friends became lovers in one on one dance moves. Ghanaian music was being enjoyed to fullest, who says Ghanaians don’t love Ghanaian songs?

As it is normal with events, not everything can go 100%. There will be mini flaws here and there and tidal rave 2018 was no exception.

With the huge number of artiste announced to perform, one would have expected the performances to start earlier than it did to accommodate all the acts.

This wasn’t the case as the performances started around 8 PM. This scenario did not enable most of the artistes to perform, some of those who did had to go through lengthy periods of waiting before performing.

As expected the artiste who did not get to perform were obviously unhappy. This should not happen in 2019.

Artistes have fanbases and these fans always follow them to events they are billed to perform on.

When they get there and they don’t perform, it leaves a certain sour taste in their mouths.

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