Monday , November 11 2019

Review: Black Excellence By Sarkodie – Akosua Ago writes

The song ‘Black excellence’ to many people who normally look forward to Sarkodie’s songs, could if they wish to be honest, agree with me that is an over emphasised message especially in terms of his music career. Don’t get me wrong here, I might not be staunch follower of Sarkodie or his music, but I still love his tunes and would probably choose him over some musicians (name withheld) and of course Nigerian music. But I still think considering his previous songs, ‘Black excellence’ seems like a sequel to a romance novel, or another episode of  popular or favorite TV drama. And even the best of T.V drama gets boring as it gets longer, case in point kumkum bhagya.

Now, to the music itself. Background beats did it for me, considering the song title it gave it that purely African touch in a form of drum beats. And one of the important thing with Sarkodie is his diction. Whenever he moves from from singing in English to twi, you can hear the drop of the English accent he doesn’t slur in twi. Some musicians will be singing in twi or any vernacular and you begin to wonder, whether they have their own version of the language.

Finally, as at this morning when I listened to ‘Black excellence’ for about the 5th time, and 4days according to YouTube after it release. It has 3.2k likes and 42 dislikes, maybe its too early to judge but comparing those numbers means people like it, and perhaps are not tired of the over emphasised message and would like to hear more, or is it because the music was from Sarkodie and that is all that matters.

Author: Akosua Ago

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