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Akosua Ago: Ghana VS Nigeria music scuffle, worth it?

Now, before I write anything let me make a little confession. It was kind of difficult for me to come up with a very good opening remark on the Ghana versus Nigeria affair. I have been sitting on my bed and allowing myself to pore out through my thoughts on a very good way to catch your attention on my first remark,but it seems I have none so let’s start with this.

I went to a tertiary school with almost 70% being Nigerians, even though we had our differences mostly our similarities over rode them. At some point, it was even difficult to differentiate a Ghanaian from a Nigerian, we practically became one people, our  cultures comfortably taking a back seat whilst we formed one of our  own. I even had a best friend, a Nigerian, called Precious we were friends right from level 100 to our final year in school.

Enough of that, now to the issue at hand which is the very embarrassing way some Ghanaian musicians,and in effect how all Ghanaians had their asses handed over to them at the Zylofone concert in Nigeria. I was  solely tempted to laugh as I watched the video of the concert online,I mean how could they (Nigerians) be so mean to our musicians and Ghana as a whole, here I was thinking the only ‘beef’ we had between us,as nations was the difference between the taste of our jollof (which in case if you did not know,Ghana jollof taste much better).

Music is more than what it appears to be ,maybe to you it’s just a blend of instruments with one person or a couple of people rhyming with words and sounds. But for people with genuine interest and love for music knows that, music is practically like a glue that sticks people together, it mends broken souls one way or the other, and sometimes no matter how silly a music sounds it’s ability to bring out smiles is the most important thing.

After Ghanaian musicians being snubbed at the concert I have heard and seen most prominent people in the industry, coming out to say that Ghanaians radio presenters and DJ’s should also in a way ‘boycott’ Nigerian music, something I am not entirely in favor of. I am certainly not a ‘crazy’ fan of Nigerian music, but a great fan of music nonetheless and would hate to be confined to only Ghanaian music just because Nigerians failed to jam to ours. Their loss I say,Ghanaians as a people cannot be blamed for their sad taste in ,what should I say?Jokes?Revenge?Childish tantrums .Because to me,their behavior at the concert bordered on childishness and a sad taste in bad jokes.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that music is beautiful on it’s own and with people music is the best thing that has ever happened to us. We shouldn’t exert so much anger on people who made cultural differences, cloud their thoughts and eyes that they  failed to see the beautiful thing happening right under their noses, and proceeded to snub it with mock and disdain. We as Ghanaians are certainly above that so they can snub our musicians at their concerts all they like, their musicians can go out and make all the big deals for them (Nigerians) to come out and lord it over us,and as long as our jollof taste better than theirs the joke is on them.


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