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Kofi Kusi is a Ghana-groomed Texas-based rapper and song writer who tells stories based on true events of psychological and socio-cultural relevance. Also doubling as a pharmacist in neuroscience research, and having practiced as a photographer, Kookusi is leveraging his artistry to bring the science mental health to a relatable point of appreciation. He vulnerably expresses himself in a cinematic and poetic fashion, punning between English, Ghanaian pidgin, and Twi. He is notorious for writing lines with multiple meanings while staying on topic. Blending his “Africanness” with his genre, Kookusi’s music fuses African instruments with classical hip-hop.
His debut EP, “5foot3”, a phrase he coined to represent imperfection, discusses in a sequential order the interconnections between inferiority complex, narcissism, nomophobia, stereotypes, the pursuit of dreams, hypocrisy, and faith. He brings to light his mastery in presenting two sides of an argument on one issue. The EP has since then sparked a lot of social discourses geared towards introspection and change.
Kookusi, the winner of Ghanaian rapper M.anifest’s “clean and pure challenge”, in 2022 had an electric performance at the Manifestivities concert, and is steadily gaining recognition in the Ghanaian music community.
The artist is consistently having conversations about mental health, and sees himself collaborating with organizations with similar goals to effect change in himself and to society.
As he prepares to release his sophomore EP, “Greetings from abroad”, due on March 10 2023, he is actively initiating online conversations about the fear of failure, and the pursuit for greener pastures and is creating a safe space for people to air out their own fears and motivations.



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